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Anti-E15 Bill Threatens Hoosier Economic Growth

New study finds E15 has unprecedented potential for Indiana, adds $377 million to state GDP. 


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April 6, 2021                                                                Hathaway Strategies


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Today, Indiana Ethanol Producers Association spokesperson Tim Phelps made the following statement regarding a new study from ABF Economics signaling what Indiana could lose if Governor Holcomb signs new anti-ethanol legislation, Senate Bill 303:


“This study gives Hoosiers a glimpse at what our state stands to lose if Senate Bill 303 is allowed to destroy sales of E15. As the fifth-largest ethanol-producing state, this bill would shoot our rural economy in the foot. Undercutting E15 ignores the potential for $377 million in added GDP and surrenders $195 million in annual value Hoosier farmers could count on with statewide sales of E15.”


“The last thing Hoosiers need are nonsensical state mandates so oil refineries can block competition from biofuels at the pump. Governor Holcomb should stand behind Hoosier biofuel workers, family farmers, and fuel consumers and veto Senate Bill 303.”


Learn more about the ethanol industry’s contributions to the Indiana economy here. Learn more about SB 303 here.




The Indiana Ethanol Producers Association is a statewide organization that works to promote and encourage effective production and widespread usage of ethanol in Indiana through education and advocacy.  Learn more by visiting