Indiana Ethanol Producers Association statement on veto of Senate Enrolled Act 303

Today, Indiana Ethanol Producers Association spokesperson Tim Phelps made the following statement regarding Governor Eric Holcomb’s veto of Senate Enrolled Act 303.

The Indiana Ethanol Producers Association is grateful to Governor Eric Holcomb for his veto of Senate Enrolled Act 303. 

Indiana is ready for E15 – a higher octane, cleaner-burning fuel that saves motorists money and today is approved for use in over 95 percent of all vehicles on the road. 

Biofuels like ethanol are a crucial piece of the Indiana economy and E15 represents a tremendous opportunity for our state.  It will boost farm incomes, grow grain markets, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. 

Governor Eric Holcomb and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch are true champions for Hoosier farmers and our state’s biofuel industry.